Video Productions

We Offer a variety of services to fit your multimedia needs!


We Offer a variety of services to fit your multimedia needs!

Graphic Design

We Offer a variety of services to fit your multimedia needs!


We Offer a variety of services to fit your multimedia needs!

Web Development

We Offer a variety of services to fit your multimedia needs!

Video Production

Born To Chase the Light

Vid Monster was born to make Videos. Let us find a cost-effective method to produce and tell your story!

At Vid Monster, we produce high quality, cost effective video productions at a fraction of the cost of the competition. Our proven results and experience in many different segments of the video medium benefit you with efficient, valuable results.

Our video services include:

Short Film, Documentary, Commercials, Music Videos, Weddings, Corporate, Real Estate, 2D Animation, and Special Effects Post Production.


Born to Capture Moments

Vid Monster was born to capture moments. A powerful image can speak volumes.

We began out of a passion for photos. With a history of providing efficient and affordable photo services, we enjoy capturing moments and places in unique ways. All around our website and social media we display photos capturing personalities, loving moments, international destinations, and more.

Our photo services include:

Personal and Group Portraits, Event Coverage, Art and Landscape, Weddings and Couples, Bands, Products, Real Estate and Commercial.

Graphic Design

Born to Visualize

Vid Monster is born to create visuals that encapsulate your brand, promote your idea, and communicate boldly!

In growing to pursue animation and video graphics, an appreciation for custom graphics and art was born. With work experience from local musicians, commercial clients, t-shirts, and professional organizations, we have developed catchy designs with a branded focus. Looking for flexible custom designs? Look no further.

Our graphic design services include:

Logos, flyers, banners, social media art, business cards, t-shirts, promotional materials, custom prints, and more



Vid Monster is born to brand, to help you show your true colors and communicate consistently.

Who you are is important to you and your potential clients, differentiating yourself from the competition. Does your current brand reflect your core values, mission, and personality? Let us help build your brand and tell your story.

Our branding services include:

Research and Analytics, Strategic Consultations, Event Planning and Promotions, Copywriting, Press Releases, Google Adwords, Social Media Management, and Media Placement (TV, Radio, Display Ads, Banner Ads, Out-of-Home)



Vid Monster is born to reach out. Meet your consumer where they live by establishing a web presence.

Are you reaching your target market where they are? We will take your brand digital and bring your message to the 21st century in fun creative ways. With dependable service and customer support follow-up, you can easily go digital.

Our web services include:

Website Creation and Management, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Responsiveness Optimization, Game development, and App Development.