Monday, June 2, 2014

welcome to a new era

We are finally geared and ready to go for the summer! With more free time, new ideas, and great hopes for our future Vid Monster Productions will continue to grow this summer.

The first front we hope to expand is our internet media category. These may include silly short films, short shorts, podcasts, and other media that may grow in popularity on sites like YouTube rather than other professional areas. We just want to have some fun!

The next front that we find important is the business category. This is a recent development in Vid Monster's short history, as we now offer video services of many kinds to people of all kinds. We offer promotional and commercial services including videography and non-linear video editing. For more information, check the services tab.

Finally, we hope to expand our influence with the production of three solid short films. These films will serve as a series but also work independently. We currently have two of those films figured out. The first will be a serious drama. The second, which we have not agreed on yet, will be a comedy of some sort. And the final will be a thrilling action-adventure to blow the summer away. The Vid Monster Summer Series will consist of the following films:

Welcome to the Real World
This medium-length short film follows the dissonant relationship of a thief duo. The two are part of a larger ring and must make their next delivery on time... or else. Jerry, a moronic lackey to Randall, is sure to let his counterpart down again. Has Randall had enough? Can they work together long enough to appease the boss? 

Patient Zero
All of us here at Vid Monster believe this is the film we were born to make. We are ready to finish the summer with our most grandiose, complicated film yet.. Patient Zero. Follow Max Mercy on his quest to discover who he is, why he's still alive, and if he is alone. As his neighbors turn into nightmares, can he escape this diseased exodus or will it consume him first? 

Like we said, the second short is still to be determined. But I hope this whole lineup and explanation of what we are up to gets you excited to come on this journey with us! Thanks a million! -Vid Monster