Monday, July 20, 2015

video announcements and more

Hey, everyone! Again, thank you for choosing to follow us here at Vid Monster. I'm super proud of some of our newest content we've been creating. We had a fantastic time shooting and editing a promo for Shawney Damisch, an up and coming country artist who shares a manager with Southbound 65. We also enjoyed working with World's Fastest Drummer and Church's Chicken last weekend. Covering the event was a blast and we are proud of how the pieces are coming out of editing. Those two pieces will be posted here and everywhere else Vid Monster as soon as final cuts are approved.

Directly from us, however, we have two little dandies. The first is a silly short we put together with FilmCrewNKY. FilmCrew is led by Chris Drennen, a friend of mine who really got me interested in filmmaking all together. Chris, Colton, Ken, Andrea, and I form a team that make silly shorts for the Internet. We even used to make a show for public access. At any rate, we made this stupid little short to experiment with tracking shots from the car and slow-motion videography on the Sony DSC-RX100MIII. I cannot keep bragging on this little powerhouse enough. I did all of my Travel Journal on that camera and have yet to be really let down by it. So.. first up on today's queue, The Big Race.

Next today is a little piece I've been meaning to make for years. Each year the Kirby family travels to Mount Gould, North Carolina. This place is so far out of the city you rarely get cell phone reception. We spend the time there on a boat, over in historic Edenton, or just enjoying the beautiful country sunsets. I finally got to make a little piece about it and I love how it turned out. Second on today's queue.. Mount Gould.

I hope you enjoyed these. We'll be out with new videos in the coming weeks. Vid Monster is really shaping up to be everything you guys helped me believe it would. Have a great week and keep following us along! -SK